Top Tips To Help You Find The Best Bak Chor Mee

Bak chor mee is one of those meals that could come with multiple faces. How delicious the meal tastes and even how good it looks would all be at the mercy of the skill set, the creativity levels and the values of the chef. While some professionals can really make the signature meal appear not pretty, there are outstanding ones that could put your taste buds to the test and provide you with an awesome presentation that would leave you wondering whether the waiter got your order right. A few tips could assist in getting the best bak chor mee within your area.

Getting a good appetite can be highly psychological. In this respect, you may want to begin your hunt by considering the aroma emerging from various prospective restaurants. The scent of tasty food and this meal in particular should be divine. This will be more so the case if there is a fresh pot being prepared in the kitchen.

The aspect of hygiene should also not be left to chance. The truth is that the clients sitting area is the most clean area of any restaurant. If it is dirty with grease on the corners of the table and food particles on the floor, then you would certainly not want to see the state of the cooking area.

It pays to consider the environmental impact of prospective eateries. Some good music playing in the background, some impressive wall paintings and comfortable chairs could go a long way in providing you with the ultimate dining experience. Do yourself the favor of ascertaining that you adore the ambiance offered before you sit down and place an order.

The price of a plate of food within a particular restaurant may highly depend on a variety of aspects. The phrase that nothing comes for free highly reflects within the food industry. The majorities of professionals who can provide food and a general experience that is worth the salt may charge a little more and offer a whole lot more.

If you are not new in Singapore, then chances are that you have already had one or two dining experiences that you could have done without. You should therefore not underestimate the importance of doing a bit of legwork especially if you want to impress someone else. A bit of sleuthing around, piping into menus and seeking recommendations from acquaintances could assist you tremendously in finding outstanding bak chor mee chefs within your area.

Chill Out At One Of Singapore’s Best

It is an established fact that you must stay at the best digs especially on holiday. If you do not find the right lodging, the holiday will be a damp squib for sure. The Bay Hotel is the ideal choice for a weekend hotel stay in Singapore for business or pleasure. Let us look at the some of the very basic reasons why it makes the cut.

Location and Top of the Line Hospitality

Overlooking the Saigon River, the boutique hotel is easy on the eyes. Offering a 20% discount for reservations made up to a month in advance is convenient. A hotel that is known for its hospitality and round the clock service is the place that you want to stay at, most definitely.

Stylish Cuisine

The restaurant that caters to every palate is extremely stylish. Vegans and carnivores would be suitably impressed with the multi style cuisine on tap. Seafood on a plate with a variety of sauces will get you in the mood to ditch the diet. Wash it down with some of the finest from the bar.

Comfortable Rooms

Every room has high-speed internet Wi-Fi access with unlimited local calls. Guests are entitled to a complimentary buffet breakfast for single and family occupancy. The mini bar is every room is changed daily and is well stocked.

The Travel Guide

Take in some of Singapore’s spectacular sights like the Saigon River that is a stone’s throw away from the hotel. The Saigon Opera House, the zoo and the botanical gardens will take your breath away. Nguyen Hue Street has a delightful water fountain and decorations, which are a lovely sight.

The Notre Dame Basilica constructed in the 19th century by the French is a wonderful church to visit. The two bell towers at a height of 190 feet are splendid.

While on vacation, there is nothing better than chilling out at the mall. Alternatively, if you really want to experience the best of the island city, visit the Ben Thanh Market. The variety of textiles, handicrafts and street cuisine will keep the juices flowing.

Back to the Digs

After a sightseeing experience, relaxing at the hotel is practically a done thing. If you do not, you may never get to look at the rest of the beautiful and clean island state. During your weekend hotel stay in Singapore, at the boutique hotel, organize a massage. The masseurs will iron out those knots and get you back on track as you head back to the grind.

The Boutique Hotel

Nothing can get better than a holiday experience at a hotel that goes over and beyond while catering to its guests. The website throws open detailed information.

4 reasons why you may want to learn Korean

Korean language is the official language for the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea although it is also popular in China as a second official language. It is also spoken in many other countries around the world though not very popular in the world perspective. Learning Korean language can be fun and lovable. To make it easy, ensure you learn it through a professional.

Learning Korea can offer a number of benefits to you over those who do not know or understand the language. This is regardless of the country you are in. Below are some of the reasons for learning Korean language from a Korean language school in Singapore.

1. Access more employment opportunities: Many people, by now, require you to know English to get employment. However, in addition to mainstream languages such as Spanish, French and English, knowing Korea as an additional language or in combination with English, can help you access many more jobs than you would without knowledge of the language. An example is translation jobs that can even be done online and at your own free time. You might access translation jobs, Korean tutoring jobs, writing jobs, and teaching jobs. These can even earn you some extra cash at your own time.

2. Making friends: If you have been to a country where a different language you don’t understand is spoken, you understand what I mean. Today, Korea is spoken by around 80 million people around the world. These are potential friends if you understand this language, and this can help in navigating places you don’t know. For instance, they can show you which hotels are cheaper if you are traveling to Korea.

3. Watching interesting Korean drama and reading other content: Korean dramas with subtitles take weeks or months to be translated. Not so for those who already know the language. Worse still, a translation may be inexact because of word mismatch, meaning you miss the exact translation and fun. English translation fails when it comes to words like op-pa or noo-na.

4. Learn their interesting culture and history better and in depth: if you understand Korean, you will be free to read and understand their culture in depth. As said above, translations sometimes fail and miss the point intended.

Learning Korea from a language school in Singapore is advisable if you are looking to accessing more work opportunities. You could get access to online translation jobs, just to mention one. You might also make friends, and learn more from them, in addition to learning Korean culture.

5 reasons why you should visit Southbank and Arts Centre Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of the state Victoria in Australia, home to around 4 million people. Melbourne has a strong connection with the indigenous people of Australia. Even before the European settlers arrived in Australia the place where the current city stands was inhabited by the indigenous people of Boonerwrung and Woiwurrung nations. With such historical importance Melbourne is a very significant city to visit. You can use the airport bus in Melbourne to get to any destination that you want from the airport. One of the landmarks of the city is the Southbank and Arts Center Melbourne.


One of the most noticeable landmarks when you look at a picture of Melbourne is the large spire residing at the southern side of the Yarra River. Standing at 155 meters high this 1 one of the highest building in the city. It is beautifully lit up by the arts Centre with use of laser lighting system.


The arts Center Melbourne was originally known by the name Victorian arts Center and was called the arts Center briefly. The arts Centre is a performing Center with complex of theaters and concert halls. It is centered at the Melbourne suburb of Southbank Victoria.

The architect

The Melbourne arts Center was designed by the British architect Sir Roy grounds. The plan for the entire complex was approved in the year 1960 and the construction beginning in the year 1973 due to some delays that were experienced. The complex started opening in stages part by part with the hammer hall being the first one to be opened.


The arts Center has been previously used by the circus as it was associated with arts and entertainment. It has also housed the theater, roller skating and ice skating along with the cinema. The transformation of the arts Center as a cultural Center was after the 2nd world war as it was decided that the city needed a cultural Center. Eventually it only constituted of two buildings namely the hammer hall and the theaters building.

The interior

One of the fascinating facts about the interior is that it was designed by an academy award winning expatriate john Truscott. He had been given the instruction leave the things that has already been there such as the interior of the concert hall which was a faceted cave.

Top International Hotel Buffets In Singapore

Singapore is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic city. It also attracts large number of tourists as it is a hot spot traveling destination. As a result, much prominence is given to various hotels and restaurants which feature savories to satiate the people who have a good taste for good food. Each year, a hundred new restaurants open for business in the Lion City. Here are the top six international hotel buffets that for every Singapore visitor to stop by.

The Line @ Shangri La

Located in the Orange Grove Road area, The Line offers a buffet for a Sunday brunch, lunch and special night buffets for dinners on all weekdays. The specialties include Oyster Night Special on Tuesdays, BBQ Night Special on Wednesdays and Seafood Night Special on Thursdays.

Carousel @ Royal Plaza

Carousel can be found in the ‘GF Royal Plaza on Scotts’ in the Scotts Road. It opens every day at 6:30AM and closes at 10:30PM. The breakfast is provided until 10PM. Lunch time is between 12PM and 2PM whereas the tea is provided between 3:30PM and 5:30PM. Dinner starts at 6:30PM late in the day. Buffets for both lunch and dinner is provided on weekends and weekdays.

Plaza Brasserie

It is located in the ‘Park Royal’ on Beach Road. The price for buffets is different for adults and children. Buffet is provided for lunch, high tea and dinner. Plaza Brasserie specializes in sea foods which includes Oyster Shooter, Fresh Prawns and Tangy Crabmeat Cake among others.


Melt – The World Café is located in Level 4 Marina Square, Level 5 Raffles Avenue and Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The brunch, lunch and dinner buffets are provided on all weekdays. Alcohol will not be provided with the brunch. They offer some delicious local deserts, cold sea foods, turkey hams, salmon and chicken.

Triple Three

It is located in the Mandarin Orchid on Orchard Road. The buffet operates between 6:30AM and 10PM, and provides buffet for lunch and dinner. Special brunch buffet (without alcohol) is provided on Sundays. Desert includes chocolate buffet station. Other features are Wagyu beef, Lobster Mentaiyaki and Baked Norwegian salmon.


Todai is located in the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The lunch and dinner hotel buffet in Singapore is provided on all weekdays and price is different for adults and children. The buffet line includes tepanyaki, sashimi, Korean cuisine, Sushi, churrasco and Chinese food.