Ways of Improving Creative Writing Skills

One of the important criteria for your child’s success in their lives is the skill of writing well. When your child writes well, they can excel in both academics as well as in their professional lives. So, it is imperative that you help your little ones to improve their writing skills by helping them to nurture their creativity, triggering their imagination with witty writing prompts and playing interesting word fames.

Take a look at the following ways to improve the skill of creative writing for kids .

Motivate your kid to be fond of writing

Reading as well as writing complements each other. Try to read stories to your kids before they go to bed every night. Your child’s teacher or the librarian in your neighborhood can guide you in choosing books that are apt for your kid’s interests and age.

Apart from reading to your kid, encourage your little one to also read to you if they are old enough.

Probe your kid about what their favorite books are

Find out why they prefer to read certain books over others. Guide her in developing her reading tastes and how they can be more watchful about storylines, settings, characters and words.

Does your kid have a favorite book series or author? If they do, you can try to taking them to said author for signing the books or to hear the author speak so that they get inspired to write.

Take out time for writing and reading

You need to ensure that your little one’s schedule is not overburdened with some other activities. Both writing and reading are activities that can take quite a lot of mental energy and time. Hence, it will not be right to expect that it will be easy for your kid to write an interesting story between piano lessons and cricket practice. You should allow your kid to explore different ideas when they have time to think freely, contemplate, breathe and relax.

Give proper materials and assign a place to your child for the creative writing

Your kids need a quiet place for studying and to complete their home tasks. In the same manner, they will need a quiet place for their creative writing assignments. Typically, you should allocate a place away from the distraction of the TV. How about placing a writing desk in the kid’s room? In case your child wants to enjoy privacy while writing, make sure to give them that. Do not read loudly until your kid tells you to do so.

Concentrate more on your child’s creative skills rather than grammar

In case you seriously desire to see your kid succeed as a creative writer, they must know how to think out of box, take risks and experiment with new ideas. You should encourage your kid’s creativity rather than pointing out punctuation, grammar and spelling errors. You should correct those grammatical errors eventually, but you should not make your kid get the idea that the homework assignment is a failure. Rather, compliment them on their creativity and find out what ideas they have.

Dealing with Bullying

Bullying is a problem that many schools have to deal with today. Not only is it seen in higher classes but it can also be present in play groups and nurseries. These are some of the ways in which Singapore infant care centres deal with the problem of bullies.

Recognising the bully

Primarily it is important to recognise a bully before they can be dealt with. Here is how bullying happens especially when it comes to smaller kids under 5.

* They tend to bully when they are a little away from adults. So constant adult supervision is important mostly during playtime. Girls leave out other girls while playing and boys tend to be more violent.

* It is also important to recognise a child who is being bullied. If the child has constant scratches and bruises and has suddenly become very quiet and not responsive, there is a chance that the child is being bullied.

* Bullying is however a repetitive thing and one isolated incident cannot be considered bullying.

Giving help

This is how the children in Singapore infant care are helped if there are signs of them being bullied.

* First, the child is allowed to process what is going on and made to feel safe and comfortable with a particular attendant so that they can be given a chance to talk about what is happening to them.

* The incidents are noted and a pattern is found to verify if it really is a case of bullying or if it is just an isolated incident. Any one-off incidents can be discarded.

* Each school or infant care centre has a bullying policy and this has to be followed if the cases of bullying are verified or if any complaint comes in from the parent.

Dealing with the bully

Bullying is mostly a result of insecurity and low self-esteem. It is important to help these children and try to change their behaviour. This is what is done when infant care centres have to deal with bullies.

* Talk to the child about what is happening.

* Explain that this behaviour is not good and it has to be changed but in a loving and understanding manner.

* Explain how hurtful bullying is with examples.

* Use a firm but gentle tone of voice; after all, these are just small children.

* Talk to the child and also the parent about everything that is going on at home and if there is any incident that is responsible for this behaviour.

What Does Your Child Learn in Skool Educare?

Preschools in Singapore follow a particular system of how to educate toddlers and young children in the early years to prepare them well for the rest of their school and college years. Giving the kids a good and strong foundation for the development of their mental, physical, cognitive, emotional and intellectual abilities is important to prepare them well for the outside world.

My First Skool

My First Skool is a popular preschool in Singapore that organizes learning and playgroup activities as well. They follow the PETAL system of learning, which stands for playing, exploring, thinking and applying learning. Their learning program consists of infant care and child care and the “skools” are divided into Skool-Educare, Skool-Ready and Skool-Ace. Let’s take a look at what your child will learn in the Skool-Educare program.

The Skool-Educare program or curriculum at My First Skool helps the child build healthy relationships among other children to set the course for a healthy learning and development cycle in the child. In this program, the child will learn to develop basic emotional security and a healthy mental behavior by building, establishing and maintaining secure and strong relationships with people.

What does the program contain?

The Skool-Educare program is designed especially for children between the ages of 2 months and 3 years of age. At this tender age, children can absorb whatever they see and hear at a rapid pace. The basic essence of the program is how to love the child or the toddler individually and in groups by the teachers. The teachers here work hard to create and provide a healthy, safe and secure environment for the children and toddlers by showering them with love, affection, and care. Children at this age only want to be shown tenderness, love, and kindness and this is exactly what they will get in the Skool-Educare program.

This program also allows the toddler to explore his environment on his own and see the world from his own eyes. The child is encouraged to express himself emotionally, mentally and physically and not be shy or feel restricted. The program also helps the child develop his motor and sensory skills as well as self-help skills by participating in a number of activities that involve the use of objects, colors, and shapes. This program will help the child develop all of his abilities and prepare him for the tough road ahead of him.

What Does Your Child Learn in Skool Ace?

Why is your child’s first preschool so important?

Preschool lays the building blocks for your child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, cognitive and personal development. Sending your child to the right preschool is crucial to set him on the right path before he enters the much more difficult world of school. Preschool is where your child starts to learn new things, mingles with other kids his own age and learns how to interact with other children, play with them, communicate with them, etc.

Why My First Skool for your toddler?

Preschools offer the best learning experiences and fun playgroups in Singapore. My First Skool is one of the best preschools you can enroll your child into. They offer 3 different learning programs for all toddlers and preschoolers, depending on their age. These programs combine many fun learning activities put forth to the children in different ways so that they are sure to have fun and learn important things at the same time.

They focus on all subjects including math, English, creative learning, drawing and painting, Chinese language, arts and crafts, number and letters and just about all the important things that your toddler should be learning in preschool without putting too much pressure on them, given their tender age.

What does the Skool Ace program offer to the children?

The Skool Ace program is for toddlers between the ages of 18 months and 6 years of age. This program focuses on teaching the children at a young age the basics of the Mandarin language along with the English language. By starting the children off at a young age they are able to quickly pick up the Chinese language, appreciate and learn it and subsequently excel in the language later on.

How does the program teach the children Mandarin?

The program in the playgroup Singapore teaches the children Mandarin by imparting many fun-filled learning activities. The use of songs, poems, rhymes, literature, skits and a number of other fun games make learning the language fun and exciting for the children. These games have been specially designed by the teachers to help the toddlers pick up the language easily and build their conversational skills in Mandarin rather than just reading and writing the language. Any language is made easier to learn by conversing with others in the same language. So the children are encouraged to speak to each other in Mandarin.

Sentence structure games and word matching games are also used to teach the kids Mandarin. Apart from this, the children also learn to build their character and personality in the Skool Ace program and learn to have the right attitude and values.

All about nursery school

Nursery school or preschool is the first place where a child takes out his or her first step into the real world. The children from age three to five usually get enrolled in the preschool. The nursery schools are different from the childcare centre because they focus on the learning and development of the child in addition to caring.


Samuel Wilderspin introduced the idea of the nursery school in the year 1848 but gurukul, the ancient Hindu teaching system is the oldest known concept. Thus, Samuel borrowed this concept from it and makes changes in his own style. The preschools became famous in late 1800s and since then, it is considered to be an inevitable constituent of the education system.

Teaching methodology:-

The nursery school in Singapore has an excellent teaching methodology . The teachers love and take care of the children in such a way as if they are their own kids. The children learn number counting and other things in an interesting manner. The well trained teachers handle the kids with great patience. Preschools are similar to plant nurseries where children get a favorable and positive atmosphere for growing.

Advantages of nursery school:-

There are many benefits of joining a preschool such as the development of physical and academic skills in the children. In addition to this, the child will also learn social skills such as how to behave in a society, how to love your country as well as your loved ones. The various preschool activities will build his or her creative mind. According to some studies, it is found that kids who have attended nursery school experience more stable home lives and have a great business career in comparison to others. The fun loving activities of preschool also improves the communication abilities of the children.

Disadvantages of nursery school:-

If the preschool has a high teacher-student ratio i.e. one teacher is handling more than ten students then kids can lack in knowledge as well as some skills. Some parents also think that there is no need to send your child to a preschool as he or she can learn many things with great ease at home as compared to preschool. They also feel that if kids go to nursery school, they will not find time for interacting with their parents and might get away from them. Separation anxiety experienced by the kids is another disadvantage of preschool as they are not prepared to make the transition to the new atmosphere.

So parents should choose the nursery school wisely to secure the future of their child. They can also get the help of their friends, relatives or neighbors for finding an appropriate preschool. They should visit the website of each preschool and read the online reviews. They can also ask the parents of existing students to have a better idea about the nursery school. The parents should also enquire about the medical facilities from the preschool teachers. It is advisable to observe everything like cleanliness, classrooms, etc., carefully while visiting preschools.

Trending Tech-Stuff for Teachers in Pre-School Classrooms

Children are crazy for technology and when they are exposed to the latest gadgets they are able to make full use of all the functionalities, due to their highly inquisitive nature and inspiration to learn new things. This is the right time to involve technology into routine teaching learning practices so that students can find their classrooms a more interesting place to learn, explore and innovate new things. The child cares in Singapore advise pre-school environments to be developed as per new technology demands and in order to get better outcomes for the kids, it becomes important to keep them in touch with the following trending technology:

Interactive Websites:

It is one of the best ideas to reinforce student learning skills, as well as academic concepts because websites have a lot of amazing material to teach students. Most of these websites contain self directing teaching material so that students can learn new things even without much involvement from the teachers.

Enriching Applications:

These days, most schools are trying to make iPads available to teachers and students in classrooms so that sessions can be made more interactive. These digital gadgets contain lots of applications that can help students in teaching-learning practices while bringing up the level of excitement to get in touch with the latest technologies. Some of the best applications are designed as per age, subject matter needs and understanding level of pre-school children.

Educational Videos:

Audio-Visual aids are one of the best examples of interactive classroom teaching sessions. There are lots of websites available on internet that help students and teachers to get various educational videos and it often contains live examples of concepts that students are learning in their textbooks. It also helps instructors to make things much easier for student’€™s understanding; never forget to switch to the student friendly filter before you start using video training in classrooms.

Interactive whiteboards:

The smart tech boards in classrooms make it much easier for teachers to manipulate things in class for the easy understanding of students. The electronic pens, smart screens and interactive items appearing on it grabs more attention from students and energizes them to get involved in active teaching-learning sessions. It also helps to broadcast lectures in the form of media to all learners so that they can stay in touch with lessons for a longer time as required.


The high quality classrooms also boost student’€™s interest to get in touch with new books. Even if you cannot buy new books every time then interactive classrooms give them an opportunity to get in touch with eBooks. It is possible to help students in gaining knowledge about all the latest happenings, famous personalities and other interesting things via interactive eBooks.

Painting becomes more creative:

It is possible to use the latest gadgets to do some creative artwork that can improve the skills of the students and one can soon develop something outstanding out of simple storylines. Several websites also offer digital storylines to learners where they can also design animations for better understanding.

Some of the Best Holiday Spots to Visit with Kids

When kids need a refreshing holiday, they start demanding for a picnic with their parents; although it is little difficult to get time out of your busy schedule of an office but to make kids happy, it is good to plan something special at least for their long vacations. Some of you might be searching for the best holiday spots to visit with the family so that you can surprise your kids on the day after their exam that they are soon going to visit a wonderful location somewhere far away from home. Below are a few interesting ideas suggested by Chinese kindergarten experts for holiday spots where you can visit with friends:

The Unforgettable Deserts in Rajasthan, India:

It may be dry but it is not colourless; Rajasthan is well known for its colourful culture that could fill up a rainbow. Here you will be able to find some easy-to-book hotel rooms with all facilities. Transportation facilities are also good in this lovely place. Once you reach there, the most attractive transportation option is camels and elephants that are loved by all tourists.

1001 Reindeer and Santa at Lapland:

Can you imagine Christmas without snow and Santa? Definitely not! If you are planning for the holidays around Christmas, then it is good to book your tickets to Lapland. It is considered the loveliest home for Santa and everything here is used to give off an eye-catching reflection of Christmas joy. This is well-known as the land of jingle bells where everyone loves to enjoy the snowy waves of Christmas.

Wonderful journey to oasis, Oman:

If your kids love to enjoy water and wish to have a holiday at some enticing desert with subtropical arrangements, Oman will be the best choice. The climate is suitable for children and resorts at this location are full of wonderful facilities. This place is well known for delicious food so never forget to enjoy the cuisine offered at different restaurants during your visits.

Big City, Tokyo, Japan:

Children of almost all age groups will love to have a long holiday at city of technology – Tokyo. This place is famous for all adventurous activities and has potential to entertain all age groups with wonderful arrangements. Your kids will love to buy outfits of different characters from street markets and some decoration pieces will also catch your attention.

A Child friendly land – Fiji:

One of the most famous holiday spots for families where parents can rest as well as rejuvenate and kids can enjoy lots of interesting activities. The outstanding resorts love to cater to tourists and in most resorts, a nanny is allocated to entertain children during your visit. You can also spend lovely moments at the beach with your kids to forget all the stress of your work hours.

High roads of Scotland:

In the summer season, Scotland can serve as the best holiday spot with lots of offers on rides and beach activities. The wind in Scotland is refreshing and your children will also love the culture of this place. The high roads of Scotland will have a lot of things to entertain all of you at every step of the way.

Top Tips To Help You Find The Best Bak Chor Mee

Bak chor mee is one of those meals that could come with multiple faces. How delicious the meal tastes and even how good it looks would all be at the mercy of the skill set, the creativity levels and the values of the chef. While some professionals can really make the signature meal appear not pretty, there are outstanding ones that could put your taste buds to the test and provide you with an awesome presentation that would leave you wondering whether the waiter got your order right. A few tips could assist in getting the best bak chor mee within your area.

Getting a good appetite can be highly psychological. In this respect, you may want to begin your hunt by considering the aroma emerging from various prospective restaurants. The scent of tasty food and this meal in particular should be divine. This will be more so the case if there is a fresh pot being prepared in the kitchen.

The aspect of hygiene should also not be left to chance. The truth is that the clients sitting area is the most clean area of any restaurant. If it is dirty with grease on the corners of the table and food particles on the floor, then you would certainly not want to see the state of the cooking area.

It pays to consider the environmental impact of prospective eateries. Some good music playing in the background, some impressive wall paintings and comfortable chairs could go a long way in providing you with the ultimate dining experience. Do yourself the favor of ascertaining that you adore the ambiance offered before you sit down and place an order.

The price of a plate of food within a particular restaurant may highly depend on a variety of aspects. The phrase that nothing comes for free highly reflects within the food industry. The majorities of professionals who can provide food and a general experience that is worth the salt may charge a little more and offer a whole lot more.

If you are not new in Singapore, then chances are that you have already had one or two dining experiences that you could have done without. You should therefore not underestimate the importance of doing a bit of legwork especially if you want to impress someone else. A bit of sleuthing around, piping into menus and seeking recommendations from acquaintances could assist you tremendously in finding outstanding bak chor mee chefs within your area.